I'm really not Bob Shrum's publicist

Although I just posted on something I found interesting from Dem uber-consultant Bob Shrum's new book the other day, there was something else I found surprising.

Bob Shrum claims that pollster and focus grouper Frank Luntz -- after polling for Pat Buchanan in the primary and Ross Perot (before he imploded) -- was interested in working for Bill Clinton's campaign against Papa Bush. Shrum says the conversation took place when they were on a two day trip to Slovenia, and that Luntz told him he had "more than you might think in common" with Clinton (that quote may not be exact, as I'm working from memory right now).

As Shrum notes, he should've at least passed it on to Clinton. If Luntz had done any work for Clinton, it would've disqualified Luntz from working for Republicans (see Dick Morris). That would have precluded the good work Luntz did for Gingrich, DeLay, Armey, et al, in 94 on the Contract with America.

An interesting anecdote and one I'm sure Luntz -- who attempts to downplay his Republican leanings whenever possible, because it hurts business -- wouldn't like to be told. [Anyone know if Shrum and Luntz have had any tiffs?]

Posted by Evan @ 06/07/07 04:28 PM


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