LBJ for Nixon?

Bob Shrum suggests in his new book No Excuses: Confessions of a Serial Campaigner that LBJ was for Nixon:

[LBJ] did issue a pro forma endorsement of the Democratic ticket [after McGovern came to the LBJ ranch to meet with the former president] -- and then called the White House with the assurance that he was really for Nixon; after all, some of his closest aides and allies were running Democrats for Nixon.
That's news to me. Has anyone else ever heard this? Did news reports at the time say that LBJ was for Nixon?

Note: I originally typed this by Blackberry, so I cleaned it up afterwards. The "e" key on my blackberry is very finicky, so if you get emails from me that are missing e, then that's why.

Posted by Evan @ 06/05/07 09:55 PM


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