I'm giving money.

Posted by Evan @ 06/06/07 11:41 AM


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Me? :)

Posted by kevin @ 06/06/07 02:46 PM

That's unlikely. And I ain't giving much.

Posted by evan @ 06/06/07 02:50 PM

You're giving at "least" $25.00.

Heck, give me $10 and I'll form an "exploratory committee".

Save you ten bucks in the process.

Posted by Cory @ 06/06/07 03:07 PM

Do you promise to help save the GOP in return? ;)

Posted by evan @ 06/06/07 03:10 PM

Ah, sorry, I bet my comment made little sense. Or at least less sense than usual.

I didn't actually SEE your I'mWithFred javascript because I use NoScript on FireFox and, by default, it blocks things it doesn't know. And it didn't show up in my bloglines. So don't I look like the big dork now? :)

Posted by kevin @ 06/06/07 03:47 PM

"Do you promise to help save the GOP in return? ;)"

Sure why not.

It's a political promise after all....

Posted by Cory @ 06/08/07 09:43 AM

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