W(h)at(t)s he got to lose?

I already tried to post on this, but it doesn't show up on the blog, so I'm rewriting this post. How annoying. Maybe it'll find its way from the nether regions of the internet back to the blog.

RG Ratcliffe:

San Antonio trial lawyer Mikal Watts has launched his bid for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination by donating and loaning his campaign fund a total of $3.8 million -- an amount equal to Republican incumbent Sen. John Cornyn's cash on hand.

"I took John Cornyn's first-quarter report and matched it to the penny," Watts said. "We're going to start with a level playing field and then we're going to start raising money and see what the people of Texas have to say."

Watts, 39, donated $1.9 million to his exploratory committee and loaned it another $1.9 million. He formed the committee June 1, and its paperwork became available Wednesday.

Cute gimmick. Certainly the Democratic political consultants are rejoicing. The bigger question here is how he decides to fund the campaign from this point on.

Cornyn could lose; it's not impossible. Watts could even get the race pretty close before the law of diminishing returns kicks in. But it looks highly unlikely that 2008 will be as toxic for Republicans as 2006.* A presidential election is more polarized than a mid-term election, and that's going to make it awfully tough. Plus, folks don't abandon their partisanship as often in federal races as they do in state races.

But even so, it does make sense for the Dems to try. Every once in awhile lightning strikes! If you have rich people (read: trial lawyers) who want to give away millions of dollars to keep your consultants happy...

And 2006 Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Barbara Ann Radnofsky has said she is planning on a run for state attorney general in 2010 but is not ruling out another run for the Senate next year.

Radnofsky's campaign was always about building name ID for a future run. But she didn't help herself when she called Kay Bailey Hutchison a liar. Doesn't make much sense to call the most popular politician in the state a liar.

*2006 was the election where the Texas Democrat ticket topper got 29.8% of the vote...as Chris Bell said, "You could be a corpse and get 31 percent as the Democratic nominee...").

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