Do you feel special?

Gov. Perry called a special election today for the seats of DeLay, Luna, and Madla. Congress, state house, and state senate, respectively.

Is it good for Shelley's quixotic write-in bid? Bad? You could argue either way. Lots of folks have. Kronberg saw it as a cheap political ploy by the Governor. Kuffner also thinks it helps Shelley, whereas Chris Elam and Texas 22 Greg think it hurts Shelley.

I don't know. Maybe. There're some facts that fit that opinion, but now Shelley also has to explain to everyone that they have to vote for her twice. Write-ins only have a chance when it's an uber-super high-profile campaign. So the degree that this barely boosts the profile of the race, then maybe it increases Shelley's chances.

Shelley should probably win the special if it's her versus Lampson. If the point is just to lay groundwork to knock off Lampson in 2008 (or to make him spend money), then I guess the guv could've done it for that reason. But there's also the possibility that Lampson will win the special because Shelley can't raise enough money.

I still say this (the general election, not the special) has only about a 5% chance of being won by Shelley, and that's being generous.

I'm slightly frustrated that I keep wasting time talking about this race.

Posted by Evan @ 08/29/06 09:48 PM


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