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Stuff that's come in on CD23 recently.

1. The FEC has ruled this to be a new cycle. So each candidate can accept up to $2100 from any donor. If/when the millionaires amendment is triggered, then that amount will go up to $6300 from any donor.

2. Lukin Gilliland doesn't live in the district. No word on whether he'll move into the district for the campaign or if he's elected.

3. Ciro Rodriguez put out a Stan Greenberg poll showing:

Bonilla 44%
Rodriguez 24%
Gallegos 11%
Albert Uresti 7%
Richard Perez 3%
Rick Bolanos 1%
Virgil Yanta 1%
Hat tip to Paul Burka and Charles Kuffner.

If you're keeping track at home, that's 47% for Dems and 44% for Bonilla. Of course, that's somewhat akin to polling George W. Bush vs. John Kerry, John Edwards, Wesley Clark, Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, and Howard Dean. In both cases, the Democrats will get more % of the vote.

I should mention that the poll was taken before some folks (like Lukin Gilliland) announced, and before others decided to stay out. So some of the folks shown aren't running (particularly Gallegos, who I'm sure was put in the poll partly to bring Bonilla's numbers down a little so that the gap between Rodriguez and Bonilla wasn't as large...savvy polling, Greenberg) and Gilliland isn't guaged. But then, Gilliland probably wouldn't have polled much anyway, as he hasn't had a chance to boost his name ID.

All this poll really says is that Dems have a very decent chance at getting into the runoff. But we already knew that.

Posted by Evan @ 08/29/06 09:31 PM


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