Perry meets with North Carolina

I mentioned before that Perry was going to do a fundraiser for North Carolina state senator Fred Smith (not the founder of FedEx). At the fundraiser, he and Smith did blogger-only press conference.

Anyway, the bloggers all wrote it up, so I'll link to 'em: Lorie Byrd, Dean Stephens, Nathon Tabor, and Jason Moir.

It's not all that newsworthy, but I doubt anyone else'll write about it, so I thought I would.

Posted by Evan @ 08/29/06 10:10 PM


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Well, it's nice to know that our fine governor embraces bloggers elsewhere.

For the most part, the Texas GOP seems not to want anything to do with bloggers, a position that I find bizarre.

Posted by kevin @ 08/31/06 10:28 AM

It's a first step, Kevin. ;)

Posted by evan @ 08/31/06 06:04 PM

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