After the Supreme Court rejected the appeal to replace DeLay on the ballot, DeLay announced he was withdrawing from the race. He called his move to Virginia "irrevocable." Noble, I suppose, but perhaps he should've previously been more judicious in his speech when asked whether he might run if forced to remain on the ballot. Now Sugar Land mayor David Wallace has decided on a quixotic bid for the seat as a write-in. Of course, Wallace's bid isn't about winning in 2006. It's about winning the 2008 GOP primary for the right to send Lampson back into retirement.

Chris Elam reports that party leadership is hoping to find a write-in candidate to "bless" and then hope that the other hopefuls will withdraw if they are not blessed.

It seems to me that Republicans would've had a better chance to elect the libertarian nominee rather than backing a write-in. Unfortunately, history will record that DeLay somehow managed to find the one way this seat could elect a Democrat. In a 64% GOP seat, the odds a Republican will be elected are longer than 22:1.

Posted by Evan @ 08/09/06 07:01 PM


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