Burka might be right, but I'd like factual support

Paul Burka wrote almost 800 words on why he thinks Rick Perry is running for president. But in those 800 words the only factual support that he gave was that 1) he asked people to text fired up to his campaign, and 2) he talked about the federal government being too big.

Well, I grant that number 1 is evidence to be weighed. A fundraising network outside of Texas is important to running for president. On the other hand, campaigns require money and Perry is in a campaign now. If we're talking about running for president, Perry has served as Chair of the Republican Governors Association and currently serves as Finance Chair. Those two pieces of information probably weigh more towards Perry running than the fact that the tried to expand his campaign text message database. All in all, I wouldn't put too much importance on Perry asking people to text him. He can use that to raise money, and that's what politicians do: they raise money.

As for Perry saying the fed government is too big, well that's kinda par for the course isn't it? He does that in every speech, and has over the past year, if not beyond. Are there any Republicans giving speeches that don't say this?

Burka could be right. Maybe Perry is running for president. Maybe his whole story about not wanting to go to DC is just a coverup for the fact that he's running. But all in all, the facts seem to suggest much more strongly that Perry is not running for President.

Posted by Evan @ 04/15/10 03:57 PM


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It's a depressing thought: Perry running for president. Just what we need, another Texan with mediocre intelligence and no moral core in D.C. I suppose Perry and his corrupt crew of corporate kow-towers would fit right in there. And if it would get him out of Texas so we could start rebuilding our state government, that's not bad. But what serious citizen thinking of the next generation wants a guy like him to have more power?

Posted by An Ordinary Man @ 04/16/10 09:10 AM

The person who posted the one comment before mine (An Ordinary Man), to you I say... YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR TEXANS!!
Insult him all you want, but that is really all liberals can do is insult. They, like you, have nothing to base any of their hate on; they just say it and think people will agree with them! Sorry jerk, but you are only part of a loud minority of people who don't like Rick Perry. You have nothing against him, you know that... and it's KILLING YOU! You wish so badly you could nail him on something, but you can't so you just hate. Way to fail!

If Rick Perry felt it would be the right thing for him to do in running for President, I would support him wholeheartedly seeing as how he knows how to lead! He has kept Texas in great shape and there is not one person that can say he hasn't!
I don't feel that he wants to run for President, and I'm fine with that too because I don't wanna lose him as my Governor! But to all you liberals, say all you want (you're wrong but that's not the point), but just maybe some of you will grow some courage and decency to not spout your mouth off about things you know nothing about because if one thing is extremely true and it's that liberals don't know jack about Rick Perry! So again I say, don't speak about things or people you know nothing about!

Posted by Texan @ 04/16/10 02:26 PM

Ordinary Man -- your IP address is from Mexico...?

Posted by PvW @ 04/16/10 10:57 PM

So Texan all liberals don't know anything and they have no courage or decency, but all they know how to do is insult? Right. Only you have the wisdom and vision given to you by God himself that Rick Perry is the Moses of our time. Right. Rick Perry and his incessant meddling with Texas A & M and appointees to the Board of Regents who undermine A&M's credibility and running his agenda instead of what is best for TAMU is reason enough not to support him. I mean if he causes damage to the college he professes to love for his own agenda, just think about what he would do in D.C. Another point, the Trans Texas Corridor. His idea, lets take away land from Texans, create a new path thru Texas that would disrupt not only the land he wanted to build this on, but also it would have displaced and disrupted the businesses and livelihoods of those who live and work along the current highways and towns. Much less giving a multibillion dollar contract to a Spanish company to do the work here in Texas that should go to American contractors. Rick Perry has claimed all of the credit done by the legislature and are the people responsible for our state's financial integrity. His property tax reduction on homeowners did not reduce taxes on them at all, yet he still tries to take credit for tax reduction. Republicans talk the personal responsibility talk but then turn around and cut taxes for their wealthy friends hurting everyone else. Where is the responsibility of looking out for the greater good of the people? Take away from many, give it to a few? This practice has never accomplished anything but the ruin of a scoiety. Now for the insult which is what you have been waiting for Texan, your brain is mush, your breath is bad, go brush you're tooth and have your mommy change your diaper and read you a story from a coloring book you backward thinking, mindless clone of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's lovechild.

Posted by BossAg @ 04/18/10 12:25 PM

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