Rick Perry for President?

I don't get the state media's obsession with promoting the idea that Rick Perry is running for president.

What evidence do we have of this? Running for president is a 2+ year job these days. The folks running are largely already planning how they want to do it. Mitt Romney is already organizing for straw polls.

Yet the Texas media is obsessed with it. Is it to sell papers and magazines? I guess some promote it because they think it will hurt Perry?

But there's not alot of evidence out there. Let's review what evidence we have.
1. I haven't heard a single rumor that Perry is telling people, "maybe" or "we'll keep the door cracked just in case."
2. Perry asked that his name be taken off the SRLC straw poll.
3. He did the same thing at Value Voters '09.
4. He turned down an invite from the Iowa Republican Party to speak up there.
5. Endorsing Rudy Giuliani. This is not a smart move from someone who is planning a future run for president.
6. The legislative session runs until mid-year.

So what's left? An "I'm mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!" run? Well, maybe, but I think someone will probably try to grab that particular message...and it's probably not a message that even gets you the VP slot.

I just don't see it. There's not enough time that after the legislative session Perry can turn around and say, "hey, I'm running for president." So, for me, the bottom line is: Rick Perry 1) says he isn't running, 2) says he doesn't want to run, 3) is taking no steps to run, and 4) will have some significant logistical steps if he tries to run.

To be honest, the only people who seem really convinced that Perry is running for president are people who work for Bill White.

Posted by Evan @ 04/12/10 09:35 PM


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