Texas Watchdog stories

* Mark Lisheron at Texas Watchdog reports on our federal deficit at work:

If the people of Bedford, Texas, are still borrowing whatever they are calling books in 72 years, they may find themselves in the public library on the very day the energy saved by the library's planned solar power system finally equals the cost to build it.

The solar plant in Bedford, between Fort Worth and Dallas, would not have been built at all without a nearly $2 million Department of Energy stimulus grant.

The same could be said of nearly all the other 31 projects in Texas given approval for stimulus funding by the State Energy Conservation Office.

* Meanwhile, Steve Miller at Texas Watchdog finds that

South Texas is rife with agents from local political camps who prosper by organizing mail-in ballot fraud, elections administrators and other observers in the region say, even after a state-level push to curb the wrongdoing.
Signatures requesting ballots and signing ballots were different. Yikes.

Posted by Evan @ 04/09/10 09:08 AM


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