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* That post below took a surprising amount of time. This is why bloggers are so prone to snarky comments, I guess. And while I frequently criticize journalists, it underscores the need for original writing. That's why I try to put journalists names in posts and avoid over-excerpting.

* Dave Berri's first book (see interview) has probably kept my interest in the NBA alive significantly more than it would have been. I remember getting so annoyed at reading in the paper things like "Jordan leads Bulls with 24" and then seeing that he took 26 shots. My metric for the time was 1 shot (with 2 free throws equaling a shot) needed to bring at least a point, on average. This seemed obvious to me but was missing from all popular commentary. I was glad to see that my boxscore musings were close to being right.

I'm excited that Berri is doing research on soccer. If I had money right now or was a partner in a private equity fund, I would buy one of the English teams (Portsmouth essentially recently sold for assumption of debt if I recall correctly) and bring statistics into every aspect of the club's sporting operation. If successful, the branding from becoming a big club could be worth a billion dollars. I actually have something of a team of people in mind.

* I wrote a post off-line in Spanish, we'll see if I get around to typing it up. Maybe I should put something provocative in there to see if anyone actually reads it?

* Currently in the works is a magazine-length piece. Not sure if I'll post it here, try to sell it, or not ever get around to finishing it because I don't have time. It's about a specific special interest in Texas Politics; I think it'll be a pretty good story if I get it done.

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