Had Chris Bell already announced for dogcatcher?

Peggy Fikac:

There's no Democrat running against GOP state Comptroller Susan Combs, who reaped consumer complaints and bad headlines when an appliance rebate program's phone line and Web site couldn't keep up with the demand (her office demanded a performance review from the company that got an $876,525 state contract to handle the program.)

Sure, names were floated for the Democratic nod -- former congressmanNick Lampson, state Rep. Mike Villarreal of San Antonio and even Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-2006 independent gubernatorial candidate (and former comptroller)Carole Keeton Strayhorn -- but no one pulled the trigger.

"There was a lot of effort made to recruit a candidate for comptroller," said Democratic strategist Ed Martin, who said either Lampson or Villarreal would have been good.

Nick Lampson and Chris Bell will run for just about anything. When you can't get out-of-work career politicians after lots of effort, maybe Matt Angle's recruiting isn't up to snuff. Or maybe he was just spending too much time recruiting Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Posted by Evan @ 04/12/10 06:53 PM


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