Punish your friends, reward your enemies: Germany

Dirk KurbjuweitDer Spiegel

Angela Merkel is traveling across America this week. It's a country she loves, but the German chancellor is still having trouble connecting with Barack Obama. Her political style couldn't be any more different from that of the US president. She's fighting to prevent the US from disregarding or dominating the Europeans.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is traveling around the United States this week. She loves the country, but she has a few problems with its president, Barack Obama. Her political style is vastly different from that of the US president, but she also has something else to contend with: Washington's disregard for and attempts to dominate Europeans.

That last sentence made me laugh. Europeans once longing for Bush's presidency to be over are now learning an age old lesson: be careful what you wish for.

Posted by Evan @ 04/12/10 01:42 PM


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