Tea party day

[for the record, I had to file 5 or 6 different schedules and forms and what not. We can thank our Congress for how difficult it is.]

Republican activists have been throwing tea parties on April 15th since I can remember. But now reporters are going to them.

Gromer Jeffers talks of the tea parties last year and says:

A year ago today Rick Perry won the Republican nomination for governor. At the time, we just didn't know it.

Perry attended several tea parties last April 15, including the event in Austin where he told reporters that he understood the views of those who wanted Texas to leave the union.

I think Perry won because Hutchison looked at her husband when she heard of Perry's remarks and said something like, "we just won." It showed that Hutchison was out of touch and incapable of running a solid campaign.

Meanwhile, though Perry participated in a tea party planning call, he didn't actually speak to one (although Newt did). Last year, if I recall correctly, he scrambled to speak to several. This year he was hanging out with a former Democratic state senator:

Perry appeared with Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, NASCAR Champion Bobby Labonte and others in downtown Fort Worth to promote NASCAR weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Afterward, the governor and the mayor posed for photos in front of Labonte's Chevrolet Impala SS, sponsored by Perry's re-election campaign and emblazoned with his campaign logo. Despite the photo op, Moncrief said he wasn't making an endorsement in the governor's race.

Have you ever noticed that Perry has usually done a pretty good job at charming Democrats he used to work with?

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