One Crazy Grandma returns!

You didn't think she was going to stay away did you? I sure didn't!

The Austin City Council is considering a plan to get 35% of its power generation through renewable sources by 2020. A group called Austinites for Action is protesting that, claiming that it would be a 57% rate hike. Who's the executive director? That's right, Carole Keeton Strayhorn! The Austin Chronicle has the plan's authors saying:

That 57% figure is a far cry from the city's rate increase estimate of 20%. "Their numbers are just wrong," says Chris Herbert, chair of the city's Resource Management Commission. Aside from obscuring the fact that the 20% increase wouldn't be fully in place for another decade (and again, it's only a long-term policy proposal at this point, inevitably subject to further revision once it's adopted), AFA also includes other costs the utility will face, green plan or not such as, notably, energy transmission riders and inflation, wholly unrelated to the generation mix. "If Carole has a plan to eliminate inflation," says Herbert, "I would like to meet with her. ... If you don't do a damn thing, inflation's going to happen.

The AusChron also reports that the group's leaders have ties to the Carole planning another party switch to run for office?

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