Cornyn for #2 spot in Senate? Kay to move up?

Mississippi Senator Trent Lott is finally retiring from the Senate, something long rumored. The Politico reports that John Cornyn (currently #5 in Senate GOP leadership) may be looking to replace him as Senate Minority Whip. If so, he'll probably face off against Jon Kyl (currently #3 in Senate GOP leadership) and Lamar(!) Alexander. Although the media (and establishment) in Texas seems to have missed it, Cornyn has a chance in the leadership race because he is well respected by his peers. They appreciate the work he has done on issues that no one else wanted to out in front of.

Meanwhile, Kay Bailey Hutchison is looking to move up from #4 to Kyl's #3 slot.

Update: Burka says the most likely scenario is that Kay and Cornyn both move up a notch.

Update: South Dakota Senator John Thune -- widely regarded as a rising star -- is said to be likely to run against either KBH or Cornyn.

Posted by Evan @ 11/26/07 03:56 PM


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Burka is right here. No way Cornyn moves up to Whip before KBH does. I'm betting KBH becomes Chair of the SRC and Cornyn chairs Policy.

By the way, did anyone else know that our own Rep. Michael Burgess (R-26th), in congress since only 2003, is Vice Chair of the House Republican Policy Committee? He replaced Dick Armey there in the metroplex and seems to be gaining ground of his own in the GOP leadership.

Seems like Texans move up fast on Capitol Hill.

Posted by Dave @ 11/28/07 02:52 AM

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