The LATimes political bloggers note the Californians in Texas:

A Houston Chronicle story earlier this week reported that Von Huene has been hired to help Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst improve his public speaking skills.

This new job, of course, doesn't quite involve the challenges Von Huene faced with Schwarzenegger and his still-thick Austrian accent. Instead, Von Huene's work with Dewhurst "has been focused on speech-making and delivery," according to the Texan's director of communications, Mike Wintemute (a transplanted Californian who a few years back was appointed to a mid-level state government job by Schwarzenegger).

Dewhurst, a Republican, was elected lieutenant governor in 2002, was easily reelected last November and appears to be gearing up for a run at the top job (why else hire Von Huene?).


Today, however, the buzz in Texas political circles is about Armstrong, the seven-time winner of the the Tour de France. The Dallas Morning News reports that in the wake of his success in spearheading to passage state cancer research bonds earlier this month, many of his fellow Texans are wondering if Armstrong himself could be on the ballot down the road.

He's got himself a spokeswoman, Katherine McLane, who used to serve the same function for Schwarzenegger. She was appropriately coy in commenting for the Dallas newspaper story, saying, "For the coming year, [Armstrong's] focus is on making cancer a national priority and a front-burner topic in the presidential election. What happens after that, who can say?"

The story also notes that Jeff Danzinger, who had been part of Schwarzenegger's communications staff, "penned Mr. Armstrong's election night remarks, a polished 10-minute speech."

Working for Armstrong is not without its challenges, from a public-relations standpoint. Even as he was stumping for the cancer research bonds, he made news by getting cozy with Ashley Olsen, one of the acting twins (part of the reason for the attention -- he's 36, she's 21).

I may be the only one who puts Armstrong running for office under 50%. And the Olsen twins? Hmm.

I'd say something about Californians invading Texas, but that might sound xenophobic.

Posted by Evan @ 11/25/07 02:38 PM


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