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Wayne Slater writes up our Guv stumping for Rudy in Iowa for the DMN.

Archer was not convinced [by Perry's explanation of Giuliani's position on illegal immigration].

Her reaction was typical during Mr. Perry's first solo voyage this week on behalf of the Giuliani presidential campaign, which hopes the governor's conservative credentials will reassure voters uneasy about the former New York mayor's liberal record on social issues.

It's unclear how many Iowa Republicans the Texas governor won over. But if they were skeptical about the message, they seemed to like the messenger.

"He's impressive; he's charismatic," Ms. Archer said after Mr. Perry's visit to the Scott County Republican Women's Club luncheon, where he made his way around the tables in a dark suit and blue tie, greeting members.

At the Kiwanis noon meeting in Waterloo, GOP activist Charles Wheeland said he liked Mr. Perry's style.

"He is a politician, but he doesn't sound like a politician," said Mr. Wheeland.

And then there was the Perry and Bush nugget:

At Giuliani headquarters in Cedar Rapids, he recalled how Mr. Bush was so confident that a year before the 2000 presidential election he told Mr. Perry, "You're going to love being governor."

After being elected president, Mr. Bush called one day from the Oval Office.

"Laura was in Crawford. He talked for 30 minutes. I think he was a bit lonely," Mr. Perry recalled. "He said, 'You remember that conversation we had about governor of Texas being the best job in the world?' "

Mr. Perry said he did.

"Well," said the president, "it is."

At one point, Giuliani was supposed to be ignoring Iowa, although I don't think many people took that idea seriously. It sounds like Perry's role as surrogate in chief is key to their Iowa strategy. They probably figure that Perry's combination of agricultural background, social conservatism, and Texas is the best way to reach Iowans for Giuliani.

Is Perry's endorsement and frequent Iowa stumping a sign that he won't seek re-election? While this doesn't hurt him with the Pat Oxfords of the state, it would seem like an odd move for a governor likely to run for re-election.

* If you don't get the reference, click the link to Slater's story.

Posted by Evan @ 11/23/07 07:00 PM


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The more I know Rick the more I like him. It'd be great to see him as Rudy's Veep. Of course, KBH would be great too.

Posted by Dave @ 11/28/07 02:54 AM

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