Olsen and Shuvalov

Wayne Slater profiles Olsen & Shuvalov, the direct mail firm Todd Olsen and Kevin Shuvalov bought from Karl Rove.

"We're part of a strategic team [for Rudy Giuliani]," Mr. Shuvalov said. "It's basically the mail guys, the TV guys, the pollster and Brent Seaborn, the director of strategy.

"We'll huddle on an issue or the issues of the day, saying this is where we need to go or what we need to do and debate it back and forth," he said. "Now with the primaries and caucuses getting close, it's more on implementation and making sure the trains are running on time."

Mr. Giuliani isn't the firm's only candidate on next year's ballot. Its clients include Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright, and candidates in several congressional contests and a number of state representative and judicial races.


Like Karl did, we keep all the process of list building, list development and list and data mining in-house," said Mr. Olsen.

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