School finance is dead

The writing has been on the wall for a couple weeks, but now it's official: school finance is dead.

Perry has said that there won't be a special session.

Will Perry call a special session for school finance? It seems unlikely. Speaker Craddick doesn't seem to have shown any great enthusiasm for a school finance plan, and appears to want to wait for a Supreme Court ruling on the school finance lawsuits.

Perry really wanted a deal on school finance, of course. But if he hasn't been able to get one in the last two regular sessions or the special session...well, something would really have to change for a deal on school finance to be reached. It's a very complicated problem policy-wise, and when you add the political complications of 31 state senators, 150 representatives, and two state officeholders, it gets to be very dicey indeed. It's quite possible that a judicial ruling will be necessary for a new school finance bill.

So it seems more likely to me that we won't have a special session. Perry's already tried to reach a deal, and calling another special session that is likely to be futile will only serve to highlight their failure to get a deal.

Does this make KBH more likely to run? Everybody seems to think that the answer is yes. Seems right to me, because now she has an easy issue to run on.

The AP report is here. Clay Robison in the Chronicle has analysis here, and John Moritz and R.A. Dyer in the FWST have analysis here. Lots of other takes in the newspapers across the state as well.

Posted by Evan @ 05/30/05 07:40 PM


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