Early weekend roundup

1. KBH has co-sponsored legislation with John Cornyn and George Allen that would lift the ban on guns in DC. Kay: "I think the law is wrong, it is unconstitutional and I think every woman in the District of Columbia should have the ability to protect herself in her home." Even Perry's campaign manager Luis Saenz agrees: "That's a great bill. We wish her well, hope she can get it through the Senate."

Rare moments of comity.

Also, we learn that Kay has a .357 caliber Magnum revolver, which she likes to keep close by when she sleeps (or at least used to).

2. Kay's regional director Jason Roth Fuller expects a gubernatorial race decision to come in June. No surprise there; they've been fairly consistent in saying that a decision would occur after the legislative session.

3. The Houston Chronicle reprints former Gov. Bill Clements editorial that appeared in the Dallas Morning News last week.

4. Perry is telling Speaker Craddick and Lt Gov Dewhurst that he won't call the Legislature back for a special session. Perry obviously wants to keep the pressure on the Legislature now.

5. Peggy Fikac has a column on Perry's take on school finance: "let the process work." It also contains an interesting quote from Perry, suggesting this is how he sees himself:

"If you are a fiscal conservative, if you are a person who can stand up and say, 'Here is how you run government effectively' ... and then you do what you say you're going to do, I think you'll be a successful governor," [Perry] said. "If, on the other hand, you go out there and run as a fiscal conservative and then come back and govern as a fiscal liberal, they'll beat ya."

Posted by Evan @ 05/22/05 06:42 PM


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I certainly hope Kay makes up her mind one way or another soon. Talk about your Campaign Resources bonanza! EVERYBODY will be angling for a new job!

Posted by Chris Elam @ 05/23/05 01:20 PM

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