Adios mofo, redux?

A female friend of mine signed off our IM [instant messenger, for the Luddites] conversation by saying -- you guessed it: adios mofo.

We've never really talked politics, so I assume she wasn't making a joke about this blog or my partisanship.

So I have to wonder: has the phrase caught on with Texans? And if so, is it because of Governor Perry?

Will my kids be saying it in thirty years?

Posted by Evan @ 11/30/05 03:14 AM


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Are you kinnding me? We had shirts made with it on there. They said:

Adios, Rick!

Mo teachers
Fo Strayhorn

Carol loved it, but I am sure she will not wear it on the campaign trail anytime soon.

Posted by sabestian @ 12/06/05 12:08 PM

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