Bob Gammage, Democrats, and trial balloons

Well, the Bob Gammage for Governor trial balloon went up via email and blogs. I didn't scrupulously monitor the reception it got on the left side of the Texas blogosphere, but my sense was that Democrats were guardedly enthusiastic.

So it seems to me that this is put-up or shut-up time for Democratic gubernatorial candidates. The primary is looming.

In 2002, former Attorney General Dan Morales stunned the Texas political world when he filed for governor and not US senator. But Morales was a special case. Not only was Morales the last Democrat elected statewide in Texas, but he was sitting on a million or two in campaign cash if I recall correctly. So he had name ID and some money, although he also had a scandal and Sanchez's wealth lined up against him. Some have speculated that he ran in order to claim that the federal investigation then well underway was politically motivated. Indeed, Morales is now in prison. But Morales was a special case, overall. He had name ID and could easily garner media coverage that allowed him to start a little late and still be a credible candidate.

There have been lots of rumors of Democrats who are thinking of running for governor. The primary is now 3.5 months away. If someone is going to challenge Chris Bell for the right to be the Democratic nominee, then they're going to need to surface immediately. Yes, I'm assuming Bell would beat Felix Alvarado.

So if Bob Gammage or anyone else is running for governor, then I expect he or she will let us know in the next few days.

Posted by Evan @ 11/30/05 03:42 AM


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Hey Evan-
Great blog. I have not been keeping the close eye on TX politics since I left. I'll have to be re-informed via your blog.

Posted by phil @ 11/30/05 11:37 AM

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