Latest Perry vs White poll: 49-37

The latest poll from the newspapers shows Perry leading 49-37.

10/22-10/27, Blum & Weprin
673 LVs, +/- 3.8%
(numbers in parentheses) from 9/15-9/22 B&W poll

Perry 49 (46)
White 37 (39)
libertarian 2 (4)
green 3 (1)
Not Sure 6 (8)
No Answer 4 (2)

Obviously a double-digit lead with a week left is impossible to overcome, barring a scandal, and the trend is in Perry's favor.

The one Democratic hope would be a backlash against this ad, as the time in the field probably doesn't fully capture the effect of that ad. That appears to be White's hope. Unfortunately for him, that ad is likely to move the numbers towards Perry even more, and given Perry's advantage in cash on hand, it will be very difficult to change the course of the campaign.

Posted by Evan @ 10/28/10 11:14 PM


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