Campaign like Perry, PJ parties, Q&A with Kay, Cornyn one of few average guy Senators

* John Cornyn is one of the very few Senators who isn't a millionaire.

* Kay Bailey Hutchison fills in the blanks for Esquire.

* Lynn Brezosky, SAEN:

U.S. Rep. Solomon Ortiz, with 28 years in Congress the dean of the Texas Democrats, is in his 15th bid for election and waging what may be the toughest battle of his political career against a Republican with little clout but one now-famous pair of duck-print pajamas.

He's spent $855,000 so far, lending himself $95,000 this month. He seized on a photo of the pajama-clad Farenthold standing next to a blonde at what he termed an "S&M party" and has stood by its campaign use amid threats of a defamation lawsuit.

This has to be one of the more ridiculous attacks in the past few years. Under Ortiz's definition, anyone who has ever been to a party while in college is disqualified from running for office. And sometimes we wonder why people don't want to run for office...

* Jason Embry in the AAS:

Imagine if White campaigned like Perry.

Maybe he would run an ad featuring the family of a mentally disabled Texan who was forced by the staff at a state-run residential facility to fight other residents. Or maybe he'd feature someone who was sexually abused while locked up at the Texas Youth Commission. Both happened during Perry's tenure.

I think Embry should stick to his day job. If it were so easy to "campaign like Perry," then you think someone would have done it by now.

Posted by Evan @ 10/29/10 12:03 AM


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He is a grown man in pajamas with a family and is no longer a 20 year old college student. What are you saying. You approve of this action?

Posted by A person wondering about you, HMMM @ 10/29/10 07:23 PM

In a list of 100 politician foibles, going to a PJ party has to be 99th or 100.

Posted by Rick Perry vs World @ 10/30/10 01:13 PM

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