National profiles, Bill White still talking about being a liberal, Perry's YouTube acct shut down, suggested reading

* The Wall Street Journal profiled White v Perry, so naturally the NYT follows with its own profile today. If you're reading this blog, hay muy poca posibilidad que hay algo nuevo. O sea, nothing new here.

* Bill White is still telling journalists that he's a liberal. This time to the left-wing Texas Observer:

White talks to me about why he supports the Observer's "independent voice" in spite of our criticisms of his campaign, about the challenges of journalism these days, about the future of politics.

"It's an interesting time for progressive politics," he says. "I think there's this new progressivism coming ... but what is it? It's not just that the government gets bigger, it's that the government gets better, it's who the government serves."

He does understand that being a liberal isn't a winning strategy in Texas, right? This would drive me crazy if I worked on his campaign.

* DFW's NBC5:

One of Perry's YouTube channels was shut down for copyright infringement.

Late Wednesday night, videos normally found on the "Liberal Bill" YouTube channel were not working. When users tried to click on the videos, a message popped up saying, "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement."

* I still get a fair amount of hits from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas IP addresses. None of them care to comment though.

* Abby Rapoport takes a trip out to West Texas for the Texas Observer. Pretty good read, though sometimes I felt like I was watching a National Geographic special to an exotic island.

* Democrats are outspending Republicans $856mm to $677mm so far this cycle. Meanwhile, the party committees have useddifferent spending tactics.

* I wake up and read both the Texas Tribune's Daily Brief and Cory Crow's Noise Machine. Both are pretty good sources of links, frequently non-overlapping.

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