Bill White: I grew up a liberal

Bill White says he was raised a liberal? It got repeated twice in this Peggy Fikac story, so it sounds like he emphasized the point. Talking about those deep liberal roots doesn't seem like a winning strategy in Texas.

The progressive roots that he said prompted him to register voters while in high school show in his push to improve education. White cites the influence of family and of friends including former state Sen. Joe Bernal of San Antonio, who coached and was in a bowling league with his dad. White, as a legislative page, commuted to the Capitol with him. “I would be going back and forth with Joe every week from Austin when I was 13 years old and a page, and we would talk about the future of this state,” White said, adding that Bernal, like his parents, “believed that the future of our state was ... educating and bringing into leadership our growing Hispanic population.”

On energy, as White tells it, that progressive beginning was

Seems odd to go around talking to reporters about how liberal you are.

Posted by Evan @ 01/19/10 06:07 AM


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The capable Perry campaign staff have surely filed that one away for the general.

Well, assuming Perry can fend off the challenge from the befuddled Senator and the activist who comes across as an overly eager grad student.

Posted by kevin @ 01/19/10 08:31 AM

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