Rasmussen: Republicans lead White by double digits

A Rasmussen poll has Perry and Hutchison leading Democrat Bill White by double digits. Full question wording available here.

1000 Likely Voters, +/- 3%
conducted 1/17/2010

Perry 50
White 40
Other 4%
Not Sure 6%

Hutchison 52
White 37
Other 4%
Not Sure 8%

Medina 38
White 44
Other 5
Not Sure13

Healthcare reform
39% Favor
57% Oppose (50% Strongly Oppose)

Barack Obama Job Approval
44% Approve
54% Disapprove

Rick Perry Job Approval
53% Approve
46% Disapprove

Not sure why Rasmussen polled Medina. I'd rather have seen if Shami's ad have done anything.

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Posted by Evan @ 01/19/10 01:43 PM


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