Bill White's big donors

I took a quick look at Bill White's big donors ($25k+) from the latest Perry vs White campaign finance reports:

Trial Lawyers
Amber Mostyn 250k
Provost Umphrey 150k
Clark Burnett Love & Lee 100k
John Williams 25k
Sheridan Williams 25k
Caddell and Chapman 25k

SEIU 300k
AFT 35k
* a bunch of other unions gave smaller 5k-10k amounts

Kase Lawal 50k
Rebecca Moores 50k
North Texas Leadership PAC 100k (David Alameel)
Jonathan Soros 10k -- George Soros' son

If this were a different state, I guess some blogs might have some fun with that last one.

Finally, in the last month both 98 Dem nominee Garry Mauro and 2002 Dem nominee Tony Sanchez gave 10k to Bill White. 2006 nominee Chris Bell? Zero. Amount Chris Bell has given to Bill White's campaign ever? Zero.

I'll try and writeup Perry's big donors as well, although Wayne Slater has already partially done it.

Posted by Evan @ 10/25/10 08:56 PM


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