Bill Flores seals the win?, more on Perry's letter-writing, and HW endorsement shocks everyone...not really

1. The NRCC cancelled its reserved airtime in CD17, signalling that they think Chet Edwards is too far behind to have a chance at winning.

Maybe Chet Edwards should claim he voted for McCain, like Gene Taylor (D-MS)?

2. As I mentioned yesterday, Politico:

Just days before Washington state voters decide whether to impose a first-ever state tax on six-figure incomes, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has jumped into the middle of the fray.

With a week to go before the Washington ballot initiative, Perry, a Republican, has taken an unusually aggressive swipe at Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat. Perry sent letters Friday to 90 leading businesses in Washington including Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks inviting them to relocate to Texas, which also has no income tax.

3. George H.W. Bush endorses Perry.

4. Matthew Dowd thinks that Obama's best chance for re-election is if Republicans take the House but Dems barely keep the Senate. Which is the most likely scenario. I more or less concur, though I think it's arguably better for Obama if the GOP takes the Senate too, albeit with only 51 votes.

5. Wayne Slater:

Gov. Rick Perry and challenger Bill White swapped charges over immigration Monday, each accusing the other of failing to keep Texans safe from illegal immigrants and sex offenders crossing the porous border from Mexico.

Perry, a Republican, suggested in a new TV ad that White was partly responsible for the murder of a Houston police officer by an illegal immigrant during a 2006 traffic stop. White, a Democrat, was mayor of Houston at the time.

White blasted the ad, which features the officer's widow. He said the Perry administration botched the record-keeping that would have helped police spot the killer and now is "exploiting shamelessly the grief of a widow" to score political points.

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