Micromanaging, Perry 1098, Prose, Transportation and more

1. DMN compares Perry vs White on transportation.

2. Bill White has gotten a bit of a reputation as a micromanager:

Fundraising chief Kathryn McCarter, sitting next to me, says that White still needs to review two new ads today and make suggestions. "He has a good eye," she says.

So he's as hands-on with the details of the campaign as people say?

"Oh, yes," she says, chuckling at the understatement.

Meaning he was responsible for that tortured prose in the campaign ad?

Ken Herman also recounts White spelling out details of details for the ads of his mayoral re-elect:

"We should tell a story. ... Coherence requires discipline. That means some stuff that meets the general criteria above will be discarded. The lack of coherence is why I had to be involved in the concepts and words and the like during prior TV production," he wrote. "This e-mail is an attempt to provide a clear vision and criteria for editing.

Finally, please consider different ways of tying statements to these themes. In prose you do it with thesis sentences. In ads you can do it with subtext imposed on pictures. In books chapter headings will do. Help the viewer link the dots."


Bill White really did put himself between MLK and Obama.

The excuse that White didn't know about this ad seems increasingly less believable as the campaign goes on. But hey, we all make mistakes.

3. Peggy Fikac talks to Cal Jillson, Jason Stanford, and Mark Sanders about their views on the race.

4. The Austin American-Statesman talks Perry v White in the Houston metro.

5. "The Seattle Times editorial board thanks Texas Gov. Rick Perry for inviting Washington employers to move to his state and remind Washington voters to defeat Initiative 1098, which would impose a state income tax."

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