Bill White with only $500k on hand for the final ad blitz

Between July 1 and September 23, Bill White spent $11.2M while Perry spent $3.9M. The race narrowed a little bit, but not alot. On the other hand, numbers for most Republicans probably improved during the same period, so while the effect wasn't large, there probably was some effect.

Between September 24 to October 23, Perry spent $16.1M and White spent just $6.1M, and the polls have started to widen a little bit.

Overall spending for the cycle was pretty similar, as post-primary Feb-July White spent 3.3M and Perry $3.5M. So until now, White has spent about $20.6M and Perry has spent about $23.5M. Once you factor in the Back to Basics spending, that puts White and Perry at almost exactly the same amount of spending.

Of course, with only $500k left for the final week (Perry has $2M left), White isn't in a good spot to make up 10 points and it's likely someone will want to invest seven figures in him at this point.

Posted by Evan @ 10/25/10 10:58 PM


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