"If I ain't gonna brag, then no one else will"

Three days ago, I wrote:

Notice that Woodward doesn't say anything about Obama or his advisers. If this isn't Mark Penn speculating to Bob Woodward, I'd be foncused.

Today, Mike Allen reports what Woodward said this morning:

WOODWARD, on the furor over his comment on Secretary Clinton: "What does 'on the table' mean? ... [T]hat book is on the table, right? ... That doesn't mean you're going to read it this week. You know, maybe you're going to read it sometime. Maybe on your summer vacation. ... The point was, ... one of Hillary Clinton's strategists, Mark Penn, when she talked to him about becoming secretary of State. ... maybe she would be needed ... and take Biden's place."

I should really brag more.

Posted by Evan @ 10/10/10 01:21 PM


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