Former San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza endorses Rick Perry

Former mayor of San Antonio Ed Garza endorsed Perry today.

A solid pickup by Perry to get the endorsement of a Democratic former mayor in Bill White's hometown. I know Garza considered endorsing Perry in 2006, though I don't remember if he ever followed through. Of course, quite a few Democrats shunned the 06 nominee in favor of Kinky Friedman or Carole Strayhorn.

Perry always seems to come up with a couple of surprising endorsements every cycle. I assume he puts work into developing those relationships. Perry and Garza worked together in bringing the Toyota plant to San Antonio at the end of Garza's time as mayor. Plus, they're both Aggies.

Update: Greg Jefferson for the SAEN. The article confirms that Garza endorsed Perry in 06 as well, though as I noted I think a 2010 Perry endorsement is perhaps more serious, as no one really thought Bell was a possibility to win at any point.

Posted by Evan @ 10/10/10 03:54 PM


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