What's happening in Perry vs White this weekend

1. What they were doing: Bill White went blockwalking in the San Antonio neighborhood where he grew up, while Rick Perry spoke to the NAACP convention. That sounds like the difference between defense and offense.

I thought this bit was a little not terribly gubernatorial:

His boots shuffling across the asphalt, gubernatorial candidate Bill White briskly jogged from house to house Saturday along the Castle Hills street where he grew up.
I can't imagine Perry doing that. Supporters of both probably see positives there, I suppose.

Having the candidate travel from door to door is certainly not the efficient form of blockwalking I learned to have candidates do when I got into politics. Odd.

2. The DMN called up the former head of a FOI Oklahoma to get him to say that Perry should release ETF records. Texas Watchdog agrees. Perry doesn't seem too likely to comply. Hopefully soon I'll have time to post about this.

3. The Houston Police Officers Union joined the Houston firefighters in endorsing Perry over their former mayor. To those of us saying for years that White underfunded the police department in Houston, that's not a surprise.

4. Christy Hoppe and Wayne Slater follow Perry and White on the campaign trail. Strangely, Slater's part does not include anything about Karl Rove.

5. Jay Root at the AP does the schedule flap.

Democrat Bill White has been pounding Republican Gov. Rick Perry for spending more time on his re-election campaign than he does running the state. But records show that White did plenty of political hobnobbing of his own while Houston mayor.
Meanwhile Wayne Slater and Ryan McNeil offer:
Although state law requires that the governor's schedule is public, Gov. Rick Perry has regularly kept some of his activities under wraps and has offered an evolving series of explanations for doing so.

Perry's office drew attention this week after accidentally releasing a one-day schedule that contained a mix of official and political meetings by the Republican.

Relatedly, Bill White's travel forms as mayor were missing details, per Texas Watchdog.

6. Looks like Perry's campaign will be using Houston's sanctuary city policy against Bill White as we hit the closing weeks

Gov. Rick Perry said Friday that he plans to make getting rid of sanctuary cities -- where officials do not enforce immigration laws -- a priority in the next legislative session.

To do that, he said, he'll make it an emergency item in the 2011 legislative session, saying that the action would help Texas law enforcement officers better enforce state laws.

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