Latest polls, latest campaign finance reports...

...both favorable for Rick Perry.

30 days out campaign finance reports are in:

Rick Perry
Money raised: $8.3M
Cash on hand: $10M

Bill White
Money raised: $4.7M
Cash on hand: $2.8M

We'll get one more report in 3 weeks.

That is definitely not a plus for Bill White. But the relative advantage in cash on hand for the final ad blitz may mask some of White's strength. A good portion of Bill White's support has come from Steve Mostyn, who has been spending millions on 3rd party ads, some from through Back to Basics PAC and some through the DGA*.

Meanwhile, the WFAA-Belo Texas Poll has Rick Perry breaking the all-important 50% mark.

9/27-10/2, poll by David Iannelli
704 likely voters, +/- 3.7% sample error, out of a 1000 RV sample

Rick Perry 50
Bill White 36

Texas Right direction or not?
52% Right Direction
36% Not

Rick Perry
56% favorable
37% unfav

Bill White
46% fav
32% unfav

14 points seems a bit high. But when you're about to spend $10M on ads in a month that say Bill White supports ObamaCare (and 65-70% of people are against it), it's probably a nice thing to see.

* Just for the record, while the linked-to post contains conjecture, per OpenSecrets it is also a fact that Mr. Mostyn has contributed at least $400k to the DGA. I would prefer to not be threatened and subpoenad by a trial lawyer like Steve Mostyn did to Texas Watchdog not too long ago. Ah, our legal system!

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