Gallup's generic ballot

Gallup released their generic ballot today:

46-43 among registered voters
53-40 in a high turnout election
56-38 in a low turnout election

W and Rove got tons of flack for taking a partisan tone into their first mid-term election in 2002, but Obama is doing exactly the same thing. Independents are disillusioned with his performance, and there is no communications plan in the world that can turn that around in a month. He has no choice but to permanently ditch the post-partisan message, roll up his sleeves and play partisan pitbull.

When you get into a month before election, partisan kneejerk emotions do startkicking in. It even happened in 2006, when some late nationwide polls showed a relative resurgence in Republican fervor...right before Republicans got crushed.

As for Texas, if you don't think this is going to trickle down into the Texas House races, then you are quite the gambler.

Posted by Evan @ 10/04/10 06:33 PM


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