LATimes takes the bait

Last week I wrote:

So is the DGA targeting Perry? Maybe...but likely not because there are much smarter places for the DGA to spend its money (FL, CA, OH, MA, PA, IL, MD, etc off the top of my head). It is much more likely that an uber-rich political donor is using the DGA to temporarily conceal the source of the money. That way, the media won't report who is funding the attacks, just that the DGA is spending money. Not only does it more or less conceal the source of the funds, but it leads political reporters who aren't paying attention (what's up WaPo?) to write about how the DGA is targeting the campaign, thus creating the illusion that DGA thinks the race is winnable.

Today, the LATimes writes:

Last week, the Democratic Governors Assn. sent a strong message that it thinks the race remains prime for an upset, paying for a television ad that attacks Perry as an out-of-touch career politician. The group -- also targeting races in California and Florida -- has contributed $2 million directly to the White campaign, more than it has ever given for a Texas gubernatorial race.

White is "by far the strongest candidate [in Texas] that we've had in decades," said Nathan Daschle, the association's executive director.

It's sad when thwarting disclosure has the side-benefit of misleading journalists.

Posted by Evan @ 10/04/10 06:27 PM


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