Cato gives Perry a B

Libertarian thinktank Cato ranked Rick Perry the 8th-11th (4 way tie) best governor in the US from a limited government perspective, giving him a B overall. Only 4 governors earned an A. Here's what they said about Perry:

Governor Perry has generally avoided tax increases during his long tenure, but he has not cut state taxes or reduced the size of state government. In 2003, he signed into law a package of tax and fee increases. In 2006, he approved a major business tax overhaul that replaced the corporate franchise tax with a modified gross receipts tax called the Texas Margin Tax. The new tax hit a much broader array of businesses and increased state-level taxes by more than $3 billion annually.41 The $3 billion of added state revenues was used to reduce local proper-ty taxes, but the overall effect of the package has been to centralize government power in the state and reduce beneficial tax competition among local jurisdictions. In 2009, Perry supported an increase in the exemption amount for the Margin Tax. On spending, he has presided over moderate increases in the Texas general fund budget. In 2010, he proposed an amendment to the state constitution to require a two-thirds vote in both legislative chambers to increase taxes. He has also proposed an amendment to limit increases in the state budget to no more than inflation plus population growth.

Given that White left Houston bankrupt, any attempt to get to the right of Perry would boomerang. Still, rather interesting that three Democrats nationwide beat Perry on a libertarian scorecard.

Posted by Evan @ 10/01/10 09:04 PM


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