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1. Am I really defending the DGA here? I guess I am. Politipinion has rated the DGA's anti-Perry attack ads as "pants on fire." Really? For what?

You think injecting 11- and 12-year-old girls with a controversial drug, without a parent's consent, is a good idea. You think it's right to use a government takeover of Texas homes and property so foreign companies can get rich. You spend taxpayer money on a fancy mansion while Texas faces an $18 billion deficit. On the issues, 25 years as a politician has changed Rick Perry, for the worse.
To be honest, the problem with the DGA's ad is more that it is lame and unlikely to be terribly effective than that it is false. I would probably rate it more like half-true. My understanding is that there was a parental opt-out to the vaccine executive order. As for the rest, it might be highly exaggerated and xenophobic, but eminent domain is essentially a government takeover. Perry is spending taxdollars on a fancy mansion: I'm happy that he is, because it'd be really embarrassing if Perry pulled a Huckabee and lived in a trailer, but it isn't false.

If I were a liberal trial lawyer bankrolling the DGA ad, I'd be annoyed that my millions were being used for a lame ad, not that it was ridiculously untruthful.

2. Dallas Voice talks to Annise Parker with a heavy focus on gay issues. Not terribly surprising for a gay community newspaper, I suppose.

Parker came out in high school. In college she founded Rice University's first LGBT group and began her political career as president of the Houston Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

During each campaign, the GLBT Political Caucus and her partner, Kathy Hubbard, have always been included in her literature.

"That way I owned it," she said. "Kathy describes our relationship as not being out of the closet but being out on the front lawn," she said.


With the November election approaching, Parker said she is remaining officially neutral in the state's races.

"To represent my city I have to get along with everyone," she said.

As mayor of the state's largest city, Parker said she's had more contact lately with Gov. Rick Perry than former Houston mayor Bill White.

"But I am absolutely livid that Rick Perry has an attack ad on Bill White that features me," she said. "I don't want to be used as a wedge in that campaign."

Parker said that Perry used a quote of something she said while controller. She said it was not out of context and might have even been impolitic to say at the time.

As I've written about before, when it became clear that the next mayor of Houston would be one of three Democrats, I thought it was pretty clear that Parker was the best choice of the three for mayor. She is who she is: a fairly no-nonsense, candid politician.

She had been criticizing Bill White's administration as mayor for years, but for some reason the Austin press corps didn't notice. When she inherited lots of problems, she wasn't just going to keep quiet.

3. Michael Landauer at the DMN:

I have voted for Rick Perry in all but one general election for statewide office.

But one thing troubles me this year more than in years past. I have joked that if Jesus Christ himself were governor, I would not want him to serve more than 10 years because no one should be able to appoint ALL the members of the state's important boards and commissions. At least Jesus probably wouldn't have to raise money for his campaigns. But Rick Perry does, and he looks to his appointees. A new report by Texans for Public Justice finds that 20 percent of Perry's money has come from people he has appointed to jobs.

I find this strange. It begs the question: compared to what? Is it different than any other governor? Would Bill White be different? Based on his time as mayor, White would probably be worse.

I'd note that that $17M contains things like $600k from Phil Gramm's leftover Senate campaign funds. Wow, so scandalous!

4. 4 years ago we had the real men of genius parodies that skewered Chris Bell and Carole Strayhorn (sorta). This year, the Perry campaign has parodied the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World.

Truthfully the real man of genius ads were better. Funniest part was definitely the end.

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