"big gay breakfasts", money, Kay 2012 and more

1. "Bill White's big gay breakfast in Austin," was the headline in the Dallas Voice. The title amused me.

2. Well that's just shocking:

Perry, the longest serving governor in state history, has appointed nearly 4,000 people to nearly 600 boards, commissions, task forces, groups and departments. Of those, one in five returned the favor with campaign cash.

Wait, wait, out of all the people Perry has appointed (he's made about 6000 appointments in total, some of them reappointments) only 1 in 5 have donated money to him? Generally speaking, folks who get statewide appointments are successful folks, or people with expertise in a specific area. In other words, the sort of civic-minded folks likely to have money who commonly donate to political campaigns. And only 1 in 5 of them have donated money to Perry? Even after receiving a statewide appointment, only 20% have given money? Sheesh, there are direct mail donor lists where you could get a 10% response rate on a single (albeit amazing) piece of direct mail...

I'm curious, but I bet that both Richards and W had higher than a 20% giving rate from appointees.

3. Olympia Snowe is worried about her right flank up in Maine. Rick vs Kay has found two examples of Kay Bailey Hutchison apparently not being worried in the slightest bit...so perhaps she isn't running for re-election?

4. I just saw this over the AP wire:

Democratic challenger Bill White said Thursday that he wants to know whether campaign contributions influenced any of Perry's appointment decisions. He says it cannot be a coincidence that so many Perry donors are appointees.

Does Bill White really want to be talking about cash for appointments right now? Bill White ran for mayor on the slogan "Let's Get Houston Moving" or something like that. Transit was his big issue, yet his appointments ruined Houston's METRO. Every day we have news of another Metro problem.

This actually seems to be a recurring problem with the White campaign. It's not enough that a campaign attack is effective...it also has to work in your favor. They don't seem to have thought about attacks cutting both ways. Maybe they believed their own hype?

Posted by Evan @ 09/30/10 03:13 PM


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