Spoken like a trial lawyer*

John Edwards, limousine liberal poverty fighter:

"Everything I can do -- everything in my power that I'm able to do -- I will do to drive the issue of poverty in this presidential campaign, so that everyone is required to talk about it, because I think it is the great moral issue of our time," [John Edwards] said. He later added: "This is such a part of my life, that whatever happens in this presidential campaign, as long as I am alive and breathing, I will be out there fighting with everything I have to help the poor in this country."

What a jerk. I make it a point to never accuse people of hypocrisy, but what a hypocrite.

Everything he can do on the great moral issue of our time? He just built himself a $30 million mansion. No matter how much money I ever have, I would never dream of building myself something so ostentatious, wasteful and selfish...especially if I went around moralizing about poverty.

What a superficial jerk. He's willing to do everything he can do...with other people's money.

* Despite recent comments, I'm more trial lawyer friendly than you might guess. But there are so many sleazy ones...

Posted by Evan @ 06/05/07 05:56 PM


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