Bonilla withdraws

Gary Martin, SAEN:

Former Rep. Henry Bonilla has withdrawn his nomination to be the ambassador to the Organization of American States, and announced Monday that he will join a lobbying firm as a consultant.

Bonilla, a San Antonio Republican, is among dozens of presidential appointees, including judicial and appellate court nominees, who have yet to receive a hearing from the Democrat-controlled Senate because of a disagreement with the White House over recess appointments.

"The process is pretty frozen, with no end in sight," Bonilla said.

The former San Antonio congressman is joining The Normandy Group, a $1 billion business-consulting firm.

Senate Democrats are refusing to confirm anyone. That's one of the downsides to our confirmation process -- people have their lives put on hold for years just for offering themselves for public service. Not to mention the lies, distortions and personal attacks that often accompany such long waits. See, eg, Miguel Estrada.

Posted by Evan @ 06/05/07 01:51 PM


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