The ongoing assault on editing

Claudia Feldman, Chron:

John Kerry popped into Brazos Bookstore the other day. He was visiting friends and thought he might sell a few books and shake some hands.

"How y'all doing?" the four-term Massachusetts senator greeted the 50-odd fans waiting to hear his spiel on the environment and buy the book he and his wife completed in 2006, This Moment on Earth.

Maybe it's the Houston air. Maybe the ongoing assault on the environment is a restorative topic for disappointed presidential candidates. For whatever reason, Kerry was relaxed, even mellow as he addressed the crowd, fielded questions and signed books.

Right off there was a heckler, but he blew up and stomped off after just a few minutes. Then the lovefest was on. The crowd of environmentalists and old Kerry supporters listened raptly as the tall, chiseled politician slung figures and told stories from the book.

Does Ms. Feldman have a crush on Senator Kerry? Sheesh. I know this is in the "life" section, but still...the phrase "the ongoing assault on the environment" is not one that should make it past an editor.

Posted by Evan @ 06/05/07 01:30 PM


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I don't know if there are many quality editors left at the Chronicle these days.

I think the most readers can hope for is "adult supervision" in some departments.

Then again, I think Claudia Feldman is one of MeMo's kids, so even that last may be optimistic.

Posted by kevin @ 06/05/07 02:42 PM

No wonder my company's firewall has blocked the Chron.

That's almost political porn.

Posted by Cory @ 06/06/07 10:59 AM

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