One year anniversary

One year ago this blog began. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and particularly those who link to me. My number one linker in the past year is Eileen at In the Pink Texas, so many thanks to the Pink Lady for that. Also thanks to those who contribute articles, story ideas, gossip, and comment on what an idiot I am. You're all appreciated.

Muchas gracias to Chris and Kevin for the site, images, bandwidth and all else.

Since it's the one year anniversary, I decided to update the bio page. The current version reflects on how the blog started and its evolution from there, while mentioning a few facts about me as well.

I always love to hear from the people that drop by this blog, so I'd be pleased if you left a comment or emailed me at perryvsworld-at-gmail-dot-com.

UPDATE: I went back and looked at my first real post. My comment still rings true:

If the race comes down to Perry and Strayhorn, Strayhorn will be a dogged opponent for Perry. She has criticized him repeatedly for the past few years, earning positive stories and editorials in the major state newspapers.

But much of Strayhorn's criticisms have focused on not spending enough money on education, health care, etc. Is this a winning formula [in a Republican primary]? I doubt it.

Posted by Evan @ 12/02/05 11:59 PM


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HI Evan - wanted to let you know I hve linked your blog (via VitW) in my Tx Rivers list. I live SW of Houston in Richmond.

Posted by Sharon Ferguson @ 12/03/05 02:41 AM

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