Perry campaign alleges that Strayhorn improperly using govt resources

The AP:

Gov. Rick Perry's campaign alleged Friday that Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, his Republican primary rival, used her state office equipment to produce a campaign news release.

That prompted Strayhorn's camp to fire back and accuse a Perry aide of acting as a political operative even when he was working in the governor's press office at the state Capitol.

The clash signaled that the Texas governor's race between Perry and Strayhorn is intensifying as the March 7 primary approaches and that the campaign is almost certain to be a hard-hitting affair.

What triggered the verbal altercation was Strayhorn's Friday news release on campaign letterhead calling for a 10-percent property tax reduction and mandatory freeze on all property taxes for elderly and disabled homeowners.

The document criticized Perry, saying he would rather dole out money from his "slush funds" in the form of "corporate welfare" to his friends and contributors than keep his promise to lower property taxes.

Perry's campaign spokesman, Robert Black, later notified reporters that by pushing certain buttons on their computers they would be able to see that Strayhorn's document was created at the comptroller's office.

Black said Perry's campaign makes similar checks on all such documents from Strayhorn because, he said, she has used her state office before in a "clear, continuous, disturbing pattern of unethical behavior."

"It's a pretty sure bet that you're going to catch her with her hand in the cookie jar again, which is what happened today," Black said. "She very obviously used state resources and a state computer to create a campaign press release, and that's against the law, plain and simple."


Sanders acknowledged that at first the news release was worked on with the comptroller's state equipment because it was intended to be a policy statement from the comptroller in her official capacity.

"As we were putting it together and we began to point out in this document the governor's shortcomings, it became clear that this was a document that would be more appropriate coming from the campaign," he said, adding that the document then was moved to Strayhorn's campaign office and completed there.

Posted by Evan @ 12/02/05 11:51 PM


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I guess lil' ricky couldn't come up with a press release trumpeting anything about his leadership (in)ability, so he whined about this instead. That's the pot calling the kettle black and all that. Waaah, waaaaah, waaaaaaaaah.

Posted by texxasredd @ 12/03/05 05:23 PM

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