Cornyn running for Senate leadership?

Junior Senator John Cornyn has decided to run for vice chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, the #5 slot in leadership. He'll face off against John Ensign from Nevada, who made a deal with Kay Bailey Hutchison that she would run for #4 and Ensign would run for #5. Senator Hutchison is #5 right now.

Of course, if Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum isn't re-elected to the Senate -- and right now, he's probably a little less than a 50% chance for re-election -- then potentially everybody might move up a slot, as he would fill the #2 Majority Whip slot in the next Congress if he is re-elected.

The article notes that Cornyn "has assumed a high profile for a freshman lawmaker." That's true, Cornyn has been quite visible for a the DC crowd. In Texas, he's considerably less visible, and his name ID is remarkably low for a former Attorney General and current Senator.

UPDATE: A reader points to a profile of Cornyn in Sunday's New York Times.

Posted by Evan @ 07/19/05 08:06 AM


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