1. Rebecca Rodriguez at SAEN writes up the contribution reports for Strayhorn and Perry.

2. Is Chris Bell running for governor or against Tom DeLay? There's been lots of murmuring about this, but Kristen Mack published what everyone was saying.

3. Perry says he'll call the Legislature right back to work on school finance if this session ends without a deal.

4. Harvey Kronberg reports that Governor Rick Perry is scheduled to lead a "major trade delegation" to the 2005 World Expo in Japan. It might not happen, per school finance. If the governor goes, Perry's campaign covers the costs.

5. Bruce Hight in the Statesman on turnout in the primary. I'll probably have more on this later. It's definitely worth a read.

6. Perry apologized to a group of folks for having a messianic Jew represent Jews at the Fort Worth bill signing.

Posted by Evan @ 07/18/05 03:53 PM


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