Please move Public Integrity

Since Ronnie Earle is retiring, it seems like a non-controversial time to suggest that Public Integrity ought to be moved under the control of the AG.

It's silly to let the citizens of Travis County decide who gets to exercise prosecutorial discretion over governmental corruption. Yes, that'd be a partisan change. But the state AG is actually elected by the citizens of this state -- meaning that Texans actually have some means of holding a part of state government accountable. Accountability? Good. Wildly disproportionate voting power by one county in this state? Bad.

And Democrats should keep in mind that the Attorney General of Texas won't be a Republican forever.

Posted by Evan @ 01/11/08 04:26 AM


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Yeah, but the DA of Travis county will. :)

Posted by KT @ 01/11/08 05:14 AM

If partisanship is all that matters to you, then I guess there's not much I can say.

Posted by evan @ 01/11/08 02:47 PM

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